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With CenturyLink Home Phone you gain the surprising benefits of having landline phone service that works even when cell towers fail. With an unlimited plan for CenturyLink Home Phone service, you can talk on the phone as much as you like without any overage charges. Cell phones drop your calls, but CenturyLink Home Phone rarely experiences any dropped calls or issues with service.

CenturyLink Home Phone

CenturyLink Home Phone with Nationwide Calling and More

Your CenturyLink Home Phone service provides unlimited nationwide calling, excellent call quality and no lags or delays. All of this can be yours through CenturyLink for as low as $49 per month.

Features of CenturyLink Home Phone service are numerous. Enjoy an easy and affordable means of staying connected to your family and friends using Home Phone from CenturyLink. You can also get unlimited local calling and unlimited nationwide calling for a small monthly charge. Even more features and benefits of CenturyLink Home Phone include:

  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Call blocking
  • No solicitation
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Unlimited nationwide calling with affordability
  • Other advanced calling features
CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Home Phone by CenturyLink Makes Your Life Better

CenturyLink Home Phone provides reliability that cell phones cannot for greater convenience everyday and non-disrupted service during severe weather. CenturyLink Home Phone provides constant reliability using underground landline technology. By having home phone by CenturyLink, you save money on your cellphone bill and do not have to worry about dropped calls or dead spots in your home. Having a landline provides a direct link to emergency services with physical address recognition when it counts most.

Benefits of having Home Phone by CenturyLink include:

  • Service consistency cellphones don't offer
  • Greater affordability than cellular phones
  • Emergency reliability
  • Bundling with Internet and DIRECTV
  • Monthly savings on your bill

Bundling of Home Phone with CenturyLink Internet and DIRECTV

When you bundle CenturyLink Internet with Home Phone, you save on both services. Bundle with DIRECTV to save even more. Create your own customized home packaging for Internet, TV and phone. By getting all of these services from CenturyLink, you only have one account to manage, one bill to pay and one customer support number for all of your home communications and entertainment support needs. With CenturyLink, you get to choose the features, speeds and channels you want for Internet, phone and TV.

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