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For High-Speed Internet that gets your household moving at high speed, CenturyLink provides services to Tennessee. Your CenturyLink Advanced Wireless Networking Modem can connect every device in your home to next-level download speeds. Throughout all areas of your house you can get lightning fast access to the Internet 24 hours per day and seven days per week with consistency and reliability. Your connection is always direct and private, so you do not have to worry about your family's security on the web.

CenturyLink Internet in Tennessee

Pure Broadband by CenturyLink in Tennessee

When you have CenturyLink, you have complete freedom in choosing a connection speed that fits your household needs and a service plan that suits your budget. When you have become frustrated over and over with your current service provider's slow speeds, unreliable service and poor support, it is time to switch to CenturyLink for the very best High-Speed Internet. Using CenturyLink, your entire family can stream movies, video chat, download games, play music, share photos and so much more.

CenturyLink Safety and Security

On CenturyLink, your High-Speed Internet connection is always private, safe and secure. Protect your personal information while you surf and shop on the web, while safeguarding yourself against spam, viruses and identity theft by using CenturyLink. Your direct wireless connection made possible through a CenturyLink Advanced Networking Modem ensures you are always safe, just as options like an antivirus upgrade can add even more security to your CenturyLink Internet experience.

CenturyLink Internet and Home Phone in Tennessee

Add Home Phone to Your CenturyLink Bundle in Tennessee

In Tennessee, complete your CenturyLink bundle with Home Phone service. Dropped calls, spotty coverage and counting minutes are things of the past with Home Phone. Give your cell phone a rest and enjoy the cost saving benefits of using a Home Phone for unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling in the U.S. Even when there is a cellular blackout in your area, you will still be able to make calls using popular features such as voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, three-way calling and more. With High-Speed Internet and Home Phone service by CenturyLink, your life and home communications become easier, less expensive and more reliable.

CenturyLink Bundles Create Greater Savings

By combining your High-Speed Internet and digital Home Phone service in Tennessee into a CenturyLink bundle, you can enjoy better service, more options and low pricing every month with a price-lock guarantee. There are no contract requirements, so with CenturyLink you can bundle and save without long-term commitment.

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