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When you need quick, reliable Internet in Jacksonville, CenturyLink is the connection for you. CenturyLink Internet is a direct connection for all of your household devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and other technologies. Everyone in your family can enjoy CenturyLink Internet without fighting over bandwidth. One person in your home can stream movies while another downloads files and still another listens to music or enjoys social media. No one in your family is hindered from using the Internet for what they enjoy when CenturyLink in Jacksonville is your service provider.

CenturyLink Internet in Jacksonville

CenturyLink Phone Connects You to the World in Jacksonville

From your home in Jacksonville, Florida you can enjoy CenturyLink Phone landline service that provides useful calling features cell phones do not. With a CenturyLink Home Phone, you can enjoy unlimited minutes, consistent reception, and no dropped calls - unlike cell phone service. For connections to friends and family outside of the U.S., using your CenturyLink Home Phone makes keeping in touch and up-to-date easy. International plans cost less than those by cell phone providers. Upgrade your home communications experience today to gain all of the features, convenience and benefits of CenturyLink Home Phone.

For even greater benefit and a positive customer experience, CenturyLink provides you with technical support that is available every day of the week, 24 hours per day. An Advanced Networking Modem is included in packages, providing wireless security that gives you peace of mind. For even more advanced security, add CenturyLink @Ease to your Internet package. Get the affordable, reliable and consistent CenturyLink service you want in Jacksonville, FL by calling now.

CenturyLink Internet & Home Phone in Jacksonville

DIRECTV in Jacksonville Is the Best Way to Watch Sports

In Jacksonville, FL you can enjoy all of your favorite sports teams through a CenturyLink Bundle. You'll never miss a game again when you combine your CenturyLink Internet with DIRECTV service. All of the channels you want and sports you crave are at your fingertips using your remote control and CenturyLink DIRECTV service.

Even better than having all the sports and other programming you want is being able to use CenturyLink DIRECTV with DVR to record up to five programs at once. Whenever you can't watch your shows live, simple set your DVR and watch it when you want. You can even remotely schedule your DVR to record when you are far from home. No more forgetting to hit the record button and losing your desired programs, when you can program your DVR from anywhere and at any time.

When you sign up for a DIRECTV bundle, you also get the much-desired NFL Sunday Ticket. Sign up for your DIRECTV service in Jacksonville, Florida now for all of the channels and programs you want.

Save Big with CenturyLink Bundles in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, Florida CenturyLink offers a multitude of bundles designed to provide the Internet, DIRECTV and Home Phone service you want with convenient, low monthly billing. All of your services are on one bill and save you money. Ask about Price-Lock Guarantee, bundle options and more, when you call CenturyLink now.

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