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CenturyLink Internet with speeds of up to 40 Mbps is available from $34.95 per month for 24 months. With a 24 month contract, autopay and paperless billing enrollment, enjoy the benefits of CenturyLink Pure Broadband Internet with speeds of up to 40 Mbps. Reliability, consistency of speed and wireless network capability are all yours using CenturyLink Pure Broadband.

CenturyLink Internet

CenturyLink 3-Year Price Lock Bundle

For as low as $64.95, lock in pricing for speeds of up to 12 Mbps for 36 months, in combination with Unlimited Nationwide Calling on CenturyLink home phone service. No term agreement is required.

With CenturyLink, you can do more at faster speed and on a reliable connection. Your home wireless network connects all of your family's devices at once, each enjoying the benefits of CenturyLink High-Speed Internet. Lag times and slow connections are a thing of the past with CenturyLink Internet. You gain a direct, private connection delivering fast and consistent speeds for your music downloads, movie streaming, web surfing and so much more that you never thought possible using your home Internet connection.

With CenturyLink Internet, you have a multitude of options for service, pricing and speed:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Phone and Internet on one monthly bill
  • 3-year price lock guarantee
DIRECTV CenturyLink Bundles

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet Bundle

Enjoy bundled Internet pricing from as low as $19.95 per month with a three year price lock guarantee on speeds up to 12 Mbps. For this low pricing, simply bundle your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet with Unlimited Nationwide Calling on your CenturyLink home phone service.

In most areas, your CenturyLink Internet connection is always on and always ready. Enjoy using your in-home wireless network across all of your Internet-enabled devices with faster downloads and streaming.

  • Connection speeds of up to 12 Mbps
  • Three year price lock guarantee
  • No term agreement
  • Stay connected and share photos

Top Quality Service and Support

CenturyLink delivers top quality customer service and technical support when you need it most. Available 24/7, this robust CenturyLink support system provides the assistance you need, regardless of time of day or day of the week. Add CenturyLink @Ease to your Internet services and enjoy the peace of mind of advanced security features, including:

  • Around-the-clock computer support
  • Identity theft protection
  • Automatic backups to the cloud
  • Antivirus protection services
  • 24/7 tech support

Simple Installation

With CenturyLink, you can choose to set up your own wireless network using the installation kit provided with your new service. In 30 minutes or less, everyone in your home can enjoy the Internet and all it has to offer across all of your devices. If you would rather gain the help of a support agent, you are welcome to set up professional installation of the CenturyLink service you want in your home today.

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